Information for Individual Investors

These resources are designed to help the Individual Investor build their basic financial knowledge, stay current on emerging trends and economic news, calculate personal financial information without identity attribution, and request quotes directly from Mark Hale of Navigon Financial Group.  Simply click on the links below or in our Online Learning Center to easily navigate these resources:

Financial Articles of Interest - "White Paper" explanations of key financial concepts, principals, investment vehicles, etc.

Mark's Economic Update Newlsetters - Our monthly newsletter to clients, family, friends, and subscribers.  This information runs the full gamut of current economic news, global stress factors, timely reminders, emerging opportunities and risks.

Financial Calculators - Tools that allow site visitors to enter financial information without revealing identity in order to calculate personal financial indicators.

Request a Quote - Simple online forms that connect you to Mark Hale of Navigon Financial Group for custom quotes on a variety of financial products and services.